Back and Neck Pain Jul5th 2020

Treat Your Back and Neck Pain with Our Advanced PT Methods

Did you know that studies say approximately 90% of people will be plagued by back or neck pain at some point in their lives? While it is a common complaint, it can sometimes be difficult to determine where the pain is originating on your own. Sometimes pain in one area can travel to another part

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Geriatric Physical Therapy Collierville, TN Jun20th 2020

5 Signs You May Need Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a highly beneficial form of treatment that can address many of the most common sources of pain. However, there are many people who don’t realize that the pain they are experiencing is something that can be easily addressed with physical therapy. If you are experiencing any of the five common symptoms listed

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Hip & Knee Pain Relief Collierville, TN Jun10th 2020

Here are a few tips to “improve” knee pain 

Want to take control of your knee pain while at home? Don’t get started on pain medications and opioids to help resolve your pain. Schedule your appointment to start with a natural treatment for your knee pain at Pittman Physical Therapy. While you’re waiting on your appointment, here are some exercises you can do on

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