Back Pain Workshop

Pittman Physical Therapy

Are you constantly having back pain? 

Stop by our workshop January 30th at 9am

to learn more about how to become pain free. 

Date: January 30, 2021 | Time: 9 am

Location: 622 W Poplar Ave Suite 5

Collierville, TN 38017

Dr. Troy Brunson, DPT

Reserve Your Spot Today! We Have Limited Seating.

Read Our Success Stories

Chad Byno

“I was having severe lower back pain, numbness, and weakness in my right leg. Can you imagine not being able to do your everyday tasks because of these issues? I had difficulty walking, sleeping and standing.  
I stopped by PittmanPT because I heard great things about them on Google and wanted to give them a try. Took a couple of weeks, but I am finally HEALED! My experience was awesome; I went from barely getting around to stretching and moving normally. 
The Pittman Staff is the best PT I have ever been in Collierville! They are super nice, friendly and they have a very knowledgeable staff who helped me get results. S/o to Alicia and Brad! They were GREAT! 

Brianna Barron

We have loved having Brianna during her Physical Therapy journey with us! Brianna had a personal goal to walk at least 5 miles a day. But the only thing that was holding her back was her lower back pain.  

Imagine just waking up in the morning to a sharp back pain that didn’t allow you to work on your daily activities. What would you do? Exercises? Visit a Physical Therapist? Stop by PittmanPT 

Brianna stated, “I have very little to no back pain. I am slowly working my way up to walking my 5 miles!” 

Thank you for stopping by Brianna! We will miss you! 

Cannot Wait For The Workshop?

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