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Come to this educational seminar to discover…



What can I do about my Heel and Foot Pain!

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This may be for you if…


  • You have pain with your first step in the morning!
  • Your foot hurts after sitting for a while!
  • You have difficulty climbing stairs because of your pain!
  • You can’t jog or run due to your pain!

For those who sign up for the workshop, you will also get…

  • Complementary Foot/Heel Assessment ($150)
  • 1 Free Laser Session ($75)
  • Customized Home Exercise Program ($100)
  • 1 Free Dry Needling Session ($60)
  • Gait Analysis ($50)
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Total Value $435

All yours “FREE” for signing up to our Live Event!


Save Your Seat!

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Simply Text the word “Foot” to 901-617-4558 to save your seat!




  • Thursday, September 12th
  • 6 PM
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Can’t make this day and time?