FREE Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Consult and Treatment Open House

Wondering what all the Buzz is about?  Come to our Free Laser Open House and Your Initial Treatment is on us!

"Discover First Hand, the power of Laser therapy on chronic or acute, aches, strains, pains...Even shingles and peripheral neuropathy!"

This Open House event is for you if...

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      You've tried everything else and you are still hurting!

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      Your tired of taking pain pills, muscle relaxers and injections!

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      You are wanting to avoid surgery!

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      You are tired of living like this and there is nothing more anyone can do!

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      You just want to get back to normal and enjoy life again!

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    Come Join us for our FREE DEEP tissue LASER Therapy Open House on Thursday, January 25th from 5-8 PM.  Remember, we are limited to 24 spots, so click the link to REGISTER NOW!

    From the First Use, I felt Improvement

    From the first use of the laser (on the outside of my left ankle), I felt improvement.  Somehow the intensified heat relieved some of the chronic soreness just about instantly.  The following two times, a similar experience. I do not feel as though solo use of the laser causes improvement, but paired with therapy the laser is incredibly helpful. It not only gives an instant relief, but also assures progress. I am glad this opportunity was presented to me.

    -Vasili Doan.

    The laser sped up my recovery!

    Before I came to PT, I got diagnosed with Achilles Tendonitis and if I put any weight on my foot, I would feel a stinging pain.  I was put into a boot for 3 weeks.  During those 3 weeks, I was given Achilles strengthening exercises and I was also introduced to laser therapy.  The laser sped up my recovery by about 2 weeks and is something I recommend. After I got my boot off, PT slowly got me back into walking to jogging to hopping to finally sprinting.  I now have my own personalized routines I do daily to help prevent myself from future injuries.  I appreciate everything PT has done for me and will tell my soccer teammates this is the place to go!

    -Ava Goodin

    Register Now!!

    privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you