New Hire Page

Welcome To The Pittman PT Team

What are the Core Values that we practice by:

Deliver a complete WOW experience

★ Be servant minded

★ Build lifelong relationships

★ Educate patients on the why

Sweep the Shed

★ Take ownership for getting things done

★ Be humble

★ No one is too big to do the little things

TEAM Spirit

★ Take care of each other

★ Encourage one another

★ Appreciate Each other

★ Make it Fun

Pursue Growth and Drive Change

★ Be uncomfortable

★ Look for the nuggets

★ Teach and be taught

What is the Mission and Core Purpose of Pittman Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists exist to enhance the lives of those that seek our help by treating everyone with respect, care and compassion and create lifelong relationships.

An amazing group of folks! Cannot say enough about how personal and professional this entire crew is! Brad listened and encouraged while pushing me to work hard-everyone gets to know you making you feel like it’s a team effort to help you get better! Great place with great people. So thankful for Pittman PT! ~Cathy M.

New Employee Paperwork