Patient Testimonials

  • When I came to Pittman PT, my knee was swollen and there was pain.  Over the last several weeks, I have been through a bevy of exercises and stretches.  My knee is now free of pain, and the size of my knee is back to normal, with no swelling.  Thanks to Jeff for helping me to get there.

    Carl Jenkins

  • I couldn’t lift my left arm when I came in 5 weeks ago.  With Jeff’s help, I feel great and I couldn’t have done it without his help. Thank you.

    Wendy Froelich

  • When I came into Pittman Therapy, I could barely bend over to tie my shoes. These PT sessions have been great, amazing staff, and very knowledgeable! Thank you so much to get me back in the gym.  Mitch, good luck on your exam! I know you will be amazing PT.

    Zeeshan Ghaffari

  • When I came to Pittman, they were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable right away.  I had so much pain in my right knee it was very discouraging.  They helped me by showing me how to release the pain and continued to help me with exercises to strengthen my leg.  They were always very encouraging and I am stronger and feel I can continue to strengthen my muscles on my own with the help and instruction they’ve given me.  I really appreciate everyone who assisted me.

    Pamela Floyd

  • When I first came, I could not walk without every step hurting.  I could not cross my legs without my hip hurting. I could hardly get in and out of the car.  I could not walk up or down stairs.  I could not sit in one position in a chair very long.  Now, thanks to Jeff’s work in helping me, I can do all the things listed above easily.  I can even walk up the 2 story flight of stairs at church.  I appreciate Jeff’s work in getting my hip back to normal.  Thank you, Jeff.

    Jean Burk

  • This is my third time at Pittman therapy.  First was with disc problem in lower back. Second was after shoulder surgery.  Had great results both times.  Here I am for third time with back problems.  Still have some pain but my back feels much stronger.  I would always come here for therapy.  Laura was wonderful as the rest of the staff are all very friendly and nice. Good place to come.

    Faustine Percifull

  • Before coming here I woke up with a headache daily.  After one session here, my headache was gone. So glad I came.  Love the RockTape!

    Lisa Loden

  • I came to Pittman for two reasons- (1) Back pain due to arthritis and (2) lack of stamina. I have eliminated the back pain. My muscles are much stronger. My stamina has increased dramatically and my conditioning is improving. Beyond the physical exercise, the encouragement shown me by the Pittman staff has made all the difference. I feel like I have entered a new phase of my life- a healthier one with a more positive outlook for the future. Thank you all. What I have experienced is priceless!

    Patrick Lenahan

  • I have had sciatica for about 1 ½ years. The pain at times became unbearable. I could not bear the pain while driving, standing while cooking, and sitting down at my grandson’s basketball games. Climbing stairs became a challenge also. Thanks to Pittman Physical Therapy my pain is so much better. Thank you Jeremy, Jeff, and Ashley for teaching me stretches to help alleviate my pain. Now I know surgery is not an option.

    Dolores Jenkins

  • Before going to Pittman, I was in agony when I would get out of the car. My right leg would not hold me up. It would take a few minutes before I was able to put weight on it. Also walking would get painful. My right hip would be hurting before half way around the block. After just 3 visits, I began to feel much better. After 7 visits, I am back to having no pain or trouble getting out of the car. Doing great today! Good job you guys! I read about Pittman on Facebook.

    Sandy Crawford