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Ready to Become More Active? These 7 Tips Can Help Jun12th 2021

Ready to Become More Active? These 7 Tips Can Help

Get Moving with These Helpful Tips! Have you become less active in recent years? It’s important to remain physically active in order to stay as healthy as possible. According to PT in Motion News, 80 percent of Americans aren’t meeting physical activity guidelines set forth by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Finding

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Chronic Pain Doesn't Have to Take Over Your Life - Try Physical Therapy Jun3rd 2021

Chronic Pain Doesn’t Have to Take Over Your Life – Find Relief with Physical Therapy

Did You Know You Could Relieve Your Chronic Pain With Natural Treatments? Have you grown accustomed to feeling a twinge here and a spasm there? Do you suffer from recurring aches and pains for reasons you don’t totally understand? Have you been gritting your teeth and putting up with a longstanding chronic pain condition? Maybe

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Opioids Don't Have to be the Answer - Try Physical Therapy May25th 2021

Opioids Don’t Have to be the Answer – Physical Therapy Can Provide Helpful and Safe Relief

Lose the Opioids and Turn to Physical Therapy! Do you rely on drugs such as oxycodone or hydrocodone to help you get through your day without agonizing pain? Do you worry that these drugs may be placing your health at unacceptable risk? Do you feel anxious or count the minutes until your next dosage of

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